USS Cerberus


Slices of Heaven

Posted on Sat Jul 18th, 2015 @ 9:11pm by Lieutenant Aoife Gallegos

Mission: Shore Leave: Risan Masquerade
Location: Risan Jungle - Twelve hour hike out
Timeline: June 30th, 2391 - 2100

The masquerade the night before hadn't been too bad. Aoife enjoyed the mingling, even if it was difficult for her to be as outgoing as she needed to be as the new person, the person in charge of Engineering. She had always been with her crew for so long that she never had to worry about switching up things, except when people came in. She had always been the figure on the ship that was there as one of the pillars -- she was always there. That was okay for her. She enjoyed being that form of stability even though it meant for her that she would have to be thrust into awkward situations from time to time. Now that she was a Chief Engineering Officer, and not the assistant, there would be more of those situations from time to time. However, she didn't work so hard to back down from a challenge, just like the challenge in front of her.

It had taken some convincing of the locals to allow her off the beaten path that most of the people were enjoying their spa like resort vacation. Yes, that was good for most people, but it wasn't who she was. She was raised to be independent and to blaze her own path as she was doing right now. It had been a good twelve hours that she was hiking through the lush green jungle between the mountain side and the beaches beyond long behind her. Shifting her heavy pack on her shoulders, she wiped the sweat off of her brow. It had been a long hike through the jungle and she was hot and getting ready to call it quits. The clearing that she had been directed to was only beyond the next ridge through the forest floor. Knowing that she was close was half the battle, she still had a ways to go.

As she continued trudging forwards, the thick water thickened air heavy in her lungs made it feel like she was swimming through non-dense water. Soon, there would be relief from all of it. She looked down at the chronometer off of her belt line and saw that she was ahead of time compared to what they told her that she would be at. That was okay with her. There was a clearing ahead on that other side of the ridge. On that clearing was a small crystal clear hot spring that she would be able to relax in. She was looking forward to soaking her sore muscles. After being cooped on a shuttle for a couple of weeks, she was eager to get out and stretch them. Though with the way that she was feeling, it felt like she probably had bitten off more than she should have with this hike, but she knew that she had been on worse and longer than this one.

She crested the ridge as the rest of the sun melted into the horizon. The ember and violet dusk took over the the edges of the mountainside and jungle she was surrounded by. It took her breath away as she watched the sun set and the glowing bugs, similar to the ones that she had seen back on earth - fireflies, started to dart out of the bushes. A smile crossed her lips when she saw the scene that had been laid out by one of the cleaning staff at the resort. She was glad that she had convinced that woman to tell her about this place. Slipping the large sack off of her back, she walked forwards to the spring and kicked off her shoes as she made her way to the hot spring, hidden by the long hike to get here. The only thing that kept this place private was the magnetic core in the ground around the area wouldn't allow for transporters. The clearing, wasn't large enough for a shuttle pod to land. It was her slice of heaven, ground side. At least she would have her time to relax here for a couple of days before moving on to the next place. "Got to love vacation," she muttered as the heat of the water conducted through her skin relaxing the tired muscles underneath.

Lt. Aoife Gallego
Chief Engineering Officer