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Marta/Micah - during shoreleave

Posted on Wed Jul 8th, 2015 @ 2:39pm by Lieutenant Micah Nivans & Lieutenant Commander Marta Valeris

Mission: Shore Leave: Risan Masquerade

The party, the subsequent private socialization with Ludir in her room had left Valeris feeling rather empty, for the lack of a better word. Sure, she was physically satiated, but her mind, her soul almost cried for something more. Not necessarily with Jalek, but just...more. Not that one would notice, she kept the smile and the bright attitude around everyone as she always did. Jack himself would notice eventually, she knew, but he was too wrapped in his own affairs right now to give her much time, which was fine with her, she understood the new relationship effect.

So, instead of feeling sorry for herself and pitying herself, she put her best foot forward so to say and enjoyed what Risa had to offer. Currently she was sat in one of the open huts with a few of the local musicians, softly singing along. Well it had started as a soft sing along, and it ended up with her's being the only voice heard while the others hummed.

Dressed in a burgundy one piece bathing suit with a dark green sarong wrapped around her waist, her red hair freely dancing in the breeze, she almost looked like she belonged there.

One day in the year of the fox
Came a time remembered well
When the strong young man of the rising sun
Heard the tolling of the great black bell

One day in the year of the fox
When the bell began to ring
Meant the time had come
For one to go to the temple of the king

The tune softly carried on the light breeze, the locals plus bajoran enjoying themselves.

All jokes aside, balls weren't really Micah's "thing." They kind of felt like a big meeting, just one where you were allowed to drink and flirt as openly as you wanted and half the fun was spoiled when you only participated in one of those activities. Elijah had told him about his experience and that was pleasure enough.

But wasting shore leave would have been foolish and so he next day, feeling well rested for the first time in a while, Micah hit Risa with a little pep in his step dressed in swim trunks and a plain white shirt so he wasn't walking around mostly naked everywhere.

A pretty song floated by and he slowed to listen. The lyrics were sort of ominous and reminded him of a hymn just a little. Micah followed it only to find Valeris there, singing. He didn't want to interrupt so he waited for her to finish, listening with some enjoyment and a smile on his face.

She'd noticed him out of the corner of her eye and waved a little, grinning. As the song finalized and Valeris moved to say her goodbyes and join her colleague, she was nearly swarmed with offers ranging from professional singing contracts, to staying with the band, to romantic pursuits or just pursuits of physical pleasures. It took the bajoran a few minutes of polite declining to finally wrestle herself away from the merry group.

"Well hello," she greeted him with a grin as she finally approached, her bare feet making small patting sounds as she walked over to him. "Enjoying yourself?"

"Haven't got that far yet but that's the plan," came her smooth reply, an added eyebrow waggle for effect. Crossing his arms he eyeballed the crowd of rejects. "You sure did pass up a number of lucrative offers pretty easily...I feel kinda special that you've chosen to speak with me, a mere mortal," Micah teased with a self entertained smirk.

Valeris grinned, "well if I was the only one they did it to, I'd be flattered. They do it to any half decent looking woman, several times over. Last time I was here it was rather similar. Besides, I prefer a little mystery and effort," she teased back as she sat next to him gracefully.

It was quite clear she was quickly forgotten as the rowdy band found another point of interest and began playing a soft tune again.

A short observation of the crowd proved her words causing the man to shrug. It was a sad, silent exclamation of society in a way but it was hardly heart wrenching when you already had your place somewhere else. "You're at least three quarters decent, minimum," he argued, "although a swimming suit might not be the best stage costume. But I'm a security officer not a stage manager so what do I know." He looked down at his own swimwear.

"Did you go to the masquerade party yesterday?"

She nodded, "mhm. Had a lovely green ensemble on even. Didn't see you there, or at least didn't recognize you."

Micah's lips, covered by unshaven fuzz, curled into a smirk. Had she looked for him? It was a sweet notion. "My brother Elijah went but I opted to stay at home and relax," he chuckled. "Normally it's the other way around."

He wasn't sure how much he'd missed but the extra sleep felt great. "Did you have a good time in your lovely green ensemble?"

Valeris nodded, "yeah. I was helping Lin and Lashmore to host the thing, so I was all over the place dancing and schmoozing, socialized with the crew a little and all. Your relaxing night was relaxing I take it?" It was a silly question, she knew, but she wanted to keep the conversation flowing.

Getting to know someone was always interesting. Well mostly, she didn't really want to get to know Lieutenant Jadan, for example, though she knew she'd have to eventually.

He listened actively, chuckling quietly at the word schmooze, and got a pretty good idea of how her day had gone. She must have done well because Elijah certainly had a good time. "It was every bit as relaxing as I hoped," Micah confirmed, "and today isn't meant to be much different other than maybe a little more wet and with a little more company." A little sunshine wouldn't hurt either, a nice tan would make him feel a little less cooped up and industrial. "You got any plans? Anymore solo concerts? Maybe we could hit the water or something."

Back before the Revan, she would have said yes in a heartbeat. She'd loved the water dearly. Nowadays, she felt shivers of dread when thinking about swimming in open water. But, she wouldn't be alone, and hopefully they wouldn't go too far away from the shoreline.

"I think we would arrange some water hitting." She chuckled, standing up gracefully, "we could both use some sun deffinitely, we're cheese-grade pale."

Micah burst out in a laugh. "You're telling me. Every time I look in the mirror I wonder if I need to go to sick bay."

With that he made sure she had all her things before taking a short walk to the beach where the sun shined and the waves gently caressed the glittering sand. He was sure he'd be cleaning the stuff out of places he didn't want to think about for a few days but temptation won out as peeled off his shirt, threw it to the ground, and got ankle deep into the water before falling over and enjoying the feeling of the warm sun, hot sand, and cool water massaging his body.

Sitting up he spat out water with a sour expression before wiping his face a little drier and looked at Valeris. "If we don't make a sand castle by the end of the day this vacation will have been a waste," he told her sounding quite serious. He did not take leave very lightly, he very much enjoyed a good time.

She unwrapped her sarong and stepped into the water quite gingerly, almost as if afraid. She kind of was, but seeing him all wet and teasing, she had to give it a go and join in. The bajoran rather controlledly dipped herself fully into the water and slowly wet her head. Wiping the water away from her face, and finding herself enjoying it despite herself, she grinned.

"What's a sand castle?" Yes, for all her social flare, she was still an alien.

Splashing in the shallow waves a bit childishly Micah turned to look at the Bajoran. "I can't promise the best education, I didn't grow up by the beach, but I'll learn ya. Come here," he summoned waving his wet, sandy arm before crawling just barely out of the reach of the waves.

"First things first, castles are buildings humans built starting around the 10th or 11th century," he starting digging into the sand, "so we are going to make a tiny one out of sand because, well, tradition I guess. No set rules other than a few towers, a wall, and a moat if we can get them to stay up." He started piling the sand into a blob. "It sounds really dumb when you try to explain a sand castle," he chuckled, "but it's fun." He pat a clear area for her to sit or start digging.

It went as well as two people who didn't have much experience building with sand could go. There were talking and laughing, although nothing went too deep. It wasn't always a bad thing to keep to shallow conversation.

Eventually the sun drooped a little too far and the warmth of the sun gave way to the coolness of the evening and so Micah departed from Marta to go back to the ship to take a nice shower, check out his new tan, check in with Elijah, and hopefully get a good night's sleep.


Marta Valeris
by Micah Nivans

Lieutenant Micah Nivans
Chief of Security


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