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The Vampire And The Maiden, part 3

Posted on Tue Jun 30th, 2015 @ 7:32pm by Ensign Jessenna Azadi

Mission: Shore Leave: Risan Masquerade
Location: Risa, Masquerade Event
Timeline: following part 2

"I know I'm Sparky but I'm trying." It was hard. She had partners but didn't really have friends and life had made her mistrustful. Part of her was comfortable being the way that she was and the other part could easily empathize with Sean- there was a lack of connection and it didn't feel very good. "I've never really wanted to try before. I have no idea what I'm doing." Every part of her body made it clear, she was embarrassed but telling the truth.

"And you think I do?" He chuckled, though his smile was soft rather than teasing. "What do you want?" He asked as he lead them towards the veranda again, for some privacy and to cool off a bit.

His first question caused her to open her mouth as though preparing to argue- of course she thought he did. Sean always had something to say, he always had a reaction to her, even most absurd, actions. He was so smooth, how could it even be possible that he didn't know what he was doing? It didn't compute.

Jessenna followed him to the veranda, glad she had a fan because she was getting warm. She even removed her mask. Maybe that was symbolic somehow. "I don't know, I haven't thought that far. Should I have?" Her heart was thumping and she was almost confident it was loud enough for Sean to hear even though he wasn't a real vampire. Micah's conversation didn't cover any of this was a night of trying new things.

"I just- I can't believe I'm even saying this," she huffed, "last...time...I was just really embarassed and felt so stupid. Kissing blackmailing strangers really isn't something I do and I know I got really pushy," literally,"I.... It was dumb and I actually felt really bad for being mean to you." She'd done a lot of mean things before but she hadn't felt guilty about it before. Was it an explanation? An apology? She didn't know but she said the things she'd wanted to, maybe not in the truest or most eloquent way but self reflection was unexplored territory. "I mean, the whole thing pinning you to the table was stupid. And I promise I won't stab you unless you really, actually, legally deserve it."

He smiled genuinely at her, "it's alright, don't worry about it. We both needed to be set straight on what really happened then. I have to be honest though, I wouldn't mind repeating certain things, without blackmail and you running away this time though." He pinched two glasses of sparkly water from a passing by waiter and handed her one.

Oh. So he'd notice the part where she tucked tail and ran off. Jessenna took a skeptical sip of the drink, decided it had been alright, and enjoyed half the glass in a shot.

"Certain things? You wouldn't be talking about the guns and sandwiches would you?"

He grinned, "oh those are extra amenities." Sean stepped as little closer again, slow enough to give her time and room to back out.

For now the man was permitted to be in her space. Normally it was dangerous to share the basket with the coiled cobra but there was something serene when it was charmed into peaceful obedience; its venom and power calm, soft even. "Hmm. Maybe that's one of the reasons I like you," she said quietly with a grin, her earlier taunt not forgotten.

"What, common grounds?" He chuckled softly, looking down at her visage, slowly coaxing her into revealing more.

She giggled. "What's not to like about a man who can make a delicious lunch?" Clearly a tease but her eyes looked up into his, pupils dilated and wide, her cheeks growing rosier as she smiled with a hint of mischief as she raised her hand to trace the red lining on his vest.

"Eh, anyone can make sandwiches. Or read a recipe then make 'em." His hands looped around her waist very loosely.

Jessenna's breathing slowed. What a weird feeling- she wanted so bad to be right there in the middle of his affections but the current running through her made her want to squirm away. It was like the butterflies everyone so romantically talked about fluttering in their stomach were under attack instead being eaten by wild birds which was not nearly as lovely an image.

Sean had her brain temporarily on the fritz but eventually she remembered to say something, and she did so even more quietly than before. "You're right. Maybe that's not why I like you." Oh but now she was definitely remembering quite vividly.

"Oh I know, it was my natural appearance," he ran his fingers over his mouth and chin to remind of his scruffy beard and mustache. He had a fairly good idea what she was really talking about but it was somewhat fun to see her trying to tempt him, and having her not fight him and actually play along was the tempting bit.

"Your blackmail scheme would not have worked if it weren't for your natural appearance. " Jessenna eased slightly as Sean's grip did similarly. It was empowering in a way as the pressure relieved but he was doing a fantastic job at distracting her with his words. The mental game took away from the weird feeling in her tummy. "It was too nice to crush into the table," she chuckled. It still was, even shaved. "I've never said that before," the woman confessed, punctuating the point with gentle pokes.

His grin spread slowly, "you're doing pretty good for a first timer though."

"If you're such a good judge then a lot of girls must tell you that," she said, infected by his smile. He had a nice one, even with the fangs. "I do like it though, even without the fuzz."

He touched one of the fangs with his tongue theatrically, "only when I wear fangs." He chuckled, "I don't go all out for just anyone, Jessenna. The encounters I usually have are job related, or just relief. I don't get all fancy and shave 'n such for them."

Just anyone? What did that mean? Her quick expression hinted at her curiosity but she didn't acknowledge it with her following words. "I know how that is. Last time I did anything social was a lunch date to the holodeck with guns and bows."

She took pride in her work, invested herself in it, and if she wasn't working she was training- learning new things or continuing to perfect the machine that was her body. It all had its reward- she was relied on, trusted even, and no one in the department could deny that her efforts made all the difference. But none of them knew how to separate her from the job. Her desire to plunge into her work blinded her to how her behavior might be a way to fill in gaps, holes that she was unsure what else to fill it with.

She was quiet, which he wasn't sure how to take. Did he say too much with the whole, yeah I'm into casual and fool around for work too thing?

"Anyway, let's not put a wet rag on our fun." Jessenna started, not sure where she was going to finish when he didn't respond. "That's one lesson the Lieutenant didn't have to give me, actually." She added with a touch of pride in her smile before she finished her drink and turned so that she could look down at the water since gazing adoringly up at his eyes was starting to make her neck hurt.

He smirked. So she was still here and not backing off, though he wasn't sure if she actually understood what he'd said or if she didn't mind.

"Agreed. So, would you be interested in doing something social again?" He ventured.

"Another encounter with you? Sure." Jessenna used his own words but the special tone that went along with such a suggestive term was absent. She'd once said she wasn't that type of girl but how far did that go exactly? "Beside this one of course. I think I might like to get to know you if that isn't worrisome."

He chuckled, "nah, you can even pick the setting and all. It was my choice last time, you pick, whatever ya like."

"I kind of just do things. Planning isn't really something I'm good unless it's tactical. People call it being impulsive I think but it's a family trait." Jessenna shrugged it off although she did wonder what circumstance she might like to see Sean in next but why imagine him when he was right there? Her eyes looked him over again before settling on a few lights on the horizon.

He settled next to her, overlooking the horizon, their shoulders, or rather sides, lightly touching, "how about we pick a day while we're here and just see what we can get up to? There's a boatload of stuff to do."

"Wouldn't a vampire rather go out of an evening," she asked teasingly, pushing on him slightly which was a change from the typical grab and shove she was known for, "preying on defenseless damsels and draining them of their blood before making them your slave? Or does the slave part come first?" She looked over at him thoughtfully before giving into her instinct, which to be fair she had ignored for a very long time, and lifted his top lip with her dainty little fingers. "Could you actually bite someone with those if you wanted?"

"Ai ken trai..." he grinned cheekily at her, throwing on a faux transilvanian accent. "Vould yoo like too test it?"

Jessenna hadn't heard anyone talk quite like that before and she couldn't help but giggle a little. Who knew that a man with such a serious job could be so silly. "Only if you dare!"

"Vell," he turned to face her fully, slowly tracing the right side of her neck with the back of his fingertips, "dere are several veys vone ken do dis."

Sean's soft touch coaxed her into silence, her lips parting but nothing came out, as the skin beneath him succumb to goosebumps but her attention was all his.

"Dis iz vone..." he spoke softly and leaned down, gently pressing his lips against hers, one hand pulling her closer, the other palming her cheek gently.

Jessenna made a content noise as Sean embraced her. Now there weren't any games, no coy things to say, only indulging in the soft lips of someone who sparked excitement in your chest. She's been on her best behavior the entire night but the excitement charged through her like electricity. The woman returned his affections softly at first, just like the taste test of the sparkling water, but her drive for more pushed her closer to him, willingly drawn in by his hand and pressing herself further. One kiss simply wasn't enough. Neither was two. But how much before it was too much?

At first her hands were flat against his chest but as the kiss deepened and the surge of passion and intensity flared up in her they clung tightly to the soft, dark fabric of his costume.

He smiled into the kiss, happy that he'd called it right and that she wasn't attempting to stab him or running away. Caution though returned to him as he remembered their last heated encounter. Leaning his forehead against hers gently, arms around her waist, he took a deep breath.

"I have to ask you something, before we go past the point of return."

"My hands are right here," Jessenna started assuming that he might be a little worried even though she really didn't want to hurt him, but she simmered down before continuing, "what is it?" Should she be nervous? Why was her heart rushing?

"How far do you want to go?" He asked softly, leaning back a little to catch her eyes and her face, "before you ask me how far I want to go, the answer is all the way, but I know you're not like, if you don't know...just...stop me at the cut off point, okay? I may take a bit to cool off, but I won't mind."

Truth be told, he had the training and the guile to manipulate her into whatever he wanted easily. But it wasn't what he wanted.

At first her expression was curious but as he elaborated understanding drowned her features, her eyes widening a little with surprise and she bit her bottom lip. She's been asked a lot of things but this was a first. The shock was a bit like having ice cold water poured over her.

But suppose she needed to answer him eventually, and even though she wasn't sure how to react she avoided the typical barrage of physical and verbal threats. She had built a certain level of trust with Sean and she felt like doing such things would be a betrayal of that.

"I..." didn't know how honest to be? "...don't want to go as far as you, I haven't had-" she stopped herself short. Jessenna was in new territory and didn't know how to take the next step. She didn't want to stop either. She didn't know what to do and it showed but she hadn't let go of him yet and she hadn't pulled away.

He snuck a finger under her chin, nodding slowly, "so just stop me when it gets too much, ok? That's all you need to do. We can figure things out if this starts going anywhere, if you like."

Simply put, Jessenna trusted that he would be a man of his word. "What does that mean?" Maybe it was a dumb question but in her experience is was common for dumb struck people.

" you want this..." he motioned between them, "to go somewhere? I mean you seem to, but I understand you lack experience in this area..."

Her lips made an 'oh' as she grasped his meaning. This was them. Verbalizing her lack of experience was a stab to the head but the truth couldn't be wrestled with. Figuring it out as they went sounded like the best idea, plotting it out would spoil the fun, and the loose form of commitment sounded good if not ideal. "You only learn by doing, right?"

He nodded slowly, "yup. So.." he stepped closer again, "which of the previous activities shall we continue?"

Jessenna went ahead and kissed him. Actions spoke louder than words anyway. "If you want any more of that we're going to have to take this," she mimicked his previous gesture, "somewhere else."

A chuckle, "you sure?"

Her eyebrows furrowed and she pulled away slightly. "Have I ever said something and not meant it?" There weren't any picnic benches to crawl on here and there were all sorts of people from the ship walking around and worse yet, strangers. If she was going to get what she wanted, whatever the heck that was, she wanted to grab it somewhere a little more private.

He raised his hands in surrender, laughing softly, "alright Sparky, lead on."

Jessenna Azadi
Sparky Maiden

Sean MacIlhenny
Charming Vampire


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