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TBD - Security

Posted on Wed Jul 8th, 2015 @ 2:33pm by Lieutenant Micah Nivans & Ensign Jessenna Azadi & Lieutenant Commander Jack Lashmore

Mission: Clouds on the Horizon

Jack had to chuckle with all the little behind back comments and jokes jack knew he was going to enjoy this meeting above most others he had organised for the day. Though this one he had planned to do before all the Cerberus records were adjusted to confirm Jack as Executive officer. He wanted to see one surprise reaction at least before the typical XO and department head chat.

He made sure to time his intrusion perfectly with a security meeting so there were more than just the chief available. Walking into security in his fresh new uniform and three pips Jack cleared his throat and addressed the first ensign in view, "howdy ensign, your boss-man about?"

Azadi had been distracted by something on her monitor but she recognized the voice. Jack Lashmore. Her department chief tried to play off his disdain for the man and while most of the office bought it Jessenna saw right through it. She was best friends with bitterness after all.

"Does this look like a-" her big brown eyes were slow to leave the screen but when they saw red and three shiny pips her full lips managed to seal shut before damage control had to be called in. Her nose wrinkled and she stood up.

Granted when her butt left the raised chair she was no taller, an inch shorter actually, although it did little to dissuade her attitude. Azadi approached him and leaned in close, sniffing him obviously (probably for booze) before reaching for his arm and lifting it as if looking for something. Dropping his appendage unceremoniously Jessenna looked up at him (she had no choice but to, of course) and tapped her foot. "Since when do you rate all that, Lieutenant Commander?"

Jack suppressed his initial reply and instead leaned a little lower and stared at her, tilted his head to both sides then with one hand nudged her shoulder gently as if examining a wax doll for life. Standing, he took the tiny ensign with him in one arm and sat her on the nearest desk. "Sit, Stay."

He turned and called a little louder, "anyone else?"

"Hey," she argued with furrowed eyebrows, stamping her feet as Jack dragged her along and set her in place. Azadi wasn't keen on such instructions but his pips kept her butt in the chair and her mouth mostly quiet.

A few of the other officers chuckled quietly with entertainment, all save Fox who was never entertained by anything ever.

The commotion drew out the Chief of Security. "What the hell?" He looked around the room at the scene with squinted eyes. His tiny guard dog's yapping was silenced and that meant trouble had come.

"Oh, what the hell," Micah repeated a little more breathlessly at the sight of Lashmore in uniform, tight shoulders drooping, but he mustered his professionalism and but his tongue. Hard. "What is it I can do for you?"

"He can stop treating me like a dog," Azadi suggested but one stern look from her lieutenant shut her up and she turned around and tried to mind her own business as smoke floated out of her ears.

"Well, would've helped if you didn't sniff me." Jack turned his attention to Micah, "can we actually talk or is this department only into play?"

Micah didn't allow himself the benefit of reacting; if Jack wanted to snub the department then that was his prerogative. Lashmore's failures would become the ship's which made Micah's job all the harder. The dark lack of hope in his heart went unchecked; it was allowed to brew after recent events.

"Azadi," Micah snapped. She turned around and read his look, shaking her head before moving next to her partner Fox.

"My office is available," the lieutenant offered cooly even though his chest felt like it was imploding.

As they entered the office and allowed the door to close jack's controlled demeanor changed to that of a grin and slow rising chuckle. "Good lot you got there, I like 'em." And truth was Jack could tell that little woman would defend security tooth and nail, always a good asset.

Jack tapped a seat with his cane, "may I?"

"What?" Jack had just sent Micah's brain for a loop. Was he serious? He almost couldn't tell anymore. "You better let the Tiniest One know that, I think you hurt her feelings," he added after his brain settled back in its place (of course his nickname for Azadi was for private use only because such words might get him killed) as Micah gestured that Jack should sit where he fancied as he propped himself against the desk.

Although the idea of Azadi crawling all over Jack like a rabid squirrel did sort of make him feel better. Knowing Jack, as little as he did, he might have liked it too but for different reasons.

At least Lashmore's change in attitude disarmed the security chief for now. "So when is all that official," he asked, wondering if he wanted to know the answer.

Jack glanced down at his uniform, "since I put it on." he then shrugged and nodded to Micah, "which i suppose means you're guessing you are royally screwed, right?"

"That's thinking awfully highly of yourself, Lashmore," Micah retorted. Just because he didn't like Jack didn't mean he was scared of him no matter how many pips hung off his collar, and just because he didn't like Jack didn't mean he wouldn't do his job as long as the man respected the rank he wore. "I doubt you're here for my blessing so let's talk."

"Oh to be honest this was the official requirement of a new XO to warm his ass on a chair of a Department Heads office." Jack replied but evened out in tone as he added, "and I have a rough sense of whom would have doubts and some reasons why. I've ridden this horse before and I personally I do it well. Will I drink, on duty hell no, off duty yes. I'll be honest there."

Micah's expression stiffened but he said nothing sensing the man wasn't finished speaking yet. He was still as unassured as ever no matter how honest and earnest Jack might have been because the man was at a disadvantage out of his control- he was repeating a promise that had been broken far too many times.

"I also have added bonus of having run this department before and seeing you yourself run it in the field. I have no questions for you I think you and yours are a good outfit. But if you have any questions for me, shoot."

Remembering their little field adventure was a sobering experience, the chief of security even frowned a little as he recalled the few passing moments of consciousness that were full of miserable illness and pain...then to be complimented atop it all left him even more dumbstruck; words turning numb in his brain. "Thank you," was all he could manage to say before slipping out of his thoughtful reverie and standing up, waving his hand in gesture, waving off the conversation about questions- he had none.

"Just two things to get off my chest, Lashmore, and I'll leave it alone. Firstly, you ought to go make nice with Azadi before she gets some idea about slipping into your closet with the intent of skinning you alive and rhubarb pie isn't going to cut it, for the record." As it turned out the little spitfire didn't like rhubarb. "And you might reconsider your vice. It's a miracle if the only person who gets killed is you." Micah might not have cared a lot for Jack on a personal level but he cared enough to say anything at all and he certainly didn't want to see any casualties, even Jack himself.

Jack chuckled, "the thing about being an XO is you make people pout for fifteen minutes before you have the more human talk with them, evens them up and both sides are more ready to chat. She needed to be put on the corner for fifteen and I intended to talk to her before I leave."

At least there was that, Micah figured, and perhaps Lashmore did know a few things more about leadership but those thoughts might never find his lips.

"As for vices...well I'll be honest you don't know my achilles heel, but I will admit that weakness is trying to have a play lately."

He didn't want to know but not for the reasons an observer might assume. Some things were too deep, too personal. Everyone deserved to have a little something to themselves that wasn't on display for the world. Beside, how stupid would it have been to ask?

"I'm sure someone famous has said something smart about a thing like that." Surely. Micah lifted his wrist to look at his watch. "You have a few more minutes until Azadi is finished brewing." That poor girl. She was coming along but it wasn't something that came easily.

Micah rounded his desk and took a seat not really having much else to say really, although meetings with the XO typically involved more listening than talking. Neither of them had thrown a punch so really it was a success more or less. Micah's eyes drifted toward the family photo, a familiar face, one crawling around tubes more than likely, sparking a curiosity. "So which department are you going to stalk next?"

"Probably OPS since they hold the PADD which virtually tells me everything that's going on roughly with and on the ship." Jack shrugged, "engineer because I just love to hear complaints about standard maintenance."

Jack stood and glanced through the glass in roughly the tiny woman's direction, "but first, gotta talk to Mighty Mouse."

Micah chuckled at Azadi's new nickname and was curious what Jack's nick name for him was. He could only imagine. "Fox is out there so at least you won't die," he finished, finding some work to do while Lashmore braved the security office once more.

With a fake sigh as if to prep himself Jack made his way to the more public area of security and found the tiny woman where he had left here. Well, she can take an order at least.

Pulling a roller chair over Jack placed it before and sat casually with an honest smirk, "hey!"

Learning to control the fire in her chest was one of the hardest things she'd ever attempted but it helped when your partner was an expert with wet towels. Fox, wiser and more experienced, had made things a little more black and white for her.

Azadi spun to face Jack, two tiny fingers letting go of one of the curls from her voluminous chestnut ponytail. The glimmer of his pips assured her that a one word reply wouldn't go down very well and so she wisely chose to curb the attitude- her feelings were still hurt after all but in the grand scheme of things it didn't matter.

Crossing one leg over the other her eyebrows lifted from their furrowed state. "What is it you need, Lieutenant Commander? Reports, investigations, interrogations, warrants and arrests, security detail, or weapons data?" Jessenna rolled through the list quickly. "I can do whatever you like."

Meanwhile Micah continued working in his office keeping an ear out for chaos but no one screamed or got thrown into a forcefield so he could only assume everyone was behaving for now. It helped that everyone was sober for once. He wrinkled his nose. A drunk XO, that was the last thing anyone needed, especially this ship...but everyone laid in the beds they made. Some went to rest voluntarily while other's forced themselves there with their own stupid, drunken choices ala Preston Nivans.

His sister might suggest praying about it. Micah wasn't really the praying type but maybe just one time it would be granted and he'd never have to deal with Jack Lashmore ever again.

Hell. It was worth a shot.


Jack Lashmore
by Micah Nivans

Lieutenant Micah Nivans
Cranky Chief of Security


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