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[CONTROL] At the Masquerade

Posted on Mon Jun 8th, 2015 @ 3:34am by Lieutenant Commander Marta Valeris & Captain Etaera Lin & Lieutenant Commander Jack Lashmore

Mission: Shore Leave: Risan Masquerade
Location: USS Cerberus Captain's Quarters/Risa - Ballroom by the Sea
Timeline: June 29th 2391 - 2000 hours

When alerted to the imminent arrival of the Cerberus crew, the Risan authorities had reached out to Commander Lin to see if there was anything special they could do to make their stay more comfortable. Etaera had been spending much of her time in transit researching both Driaan as well as Earth customs. She'd never dated a human before, though she'd slept with a good number of them. What Jack and she had, though, required a culture of mutual understanding. In her reading she'd come across something which would make a nice celebration: a Masquerade. The way she understood it from reading, Masquerades were common both on Earth and on Driaan.

As they arrived in orbit above Risa, Etaera had sent out the invitations to the Masquerade, and had referenced a number of applicable garment patterns which had been programmed into the replicator. She already knew what she was going to wear, and was entertained by how short a time it had been since the last time she had worn one.

Now, shortly before the Masquerade was to begin, Etaera was making sure that every detail was correct. She was wearing far more make than she ordinarily wore, and she noted that the eyeliner played well off of her spots. She'd laced up knee high boots with a modest heel. Her gown was black, and featured a corset-style top. It was a dangerously low corset, nearly an underbust, and had an overlay of black lace which extended up to a choker about her neck. Her skirt billowed out wide about her legs, with a slit on one side revealing her boots below. All manner of ruffles added to the extravagance of the gown.

She'd asked Jack and Valeris to meet her at her quarters so that the command staff could attend their first "official" event together, and she eagerly awaited their reaction to her surprise.

Jack initially had difficulty with the idea of a Masquerade ball. Only friends of old knew what they were to him. Due to an interesting history, Masquerade balls were a special Jack and Maliya thing, at least to Jack. One of the few things that was their story. Jack had to sigh and admit to himself that Etaera would not have known any of that. Also considering she was the captain most would pass on dancing with her and such would fall the the XO. Put the warpaint on and march out there Jack sighed to himself again.

He wore a tuxedo with tails, white gloves and a phantom of the opera mask, although part of the costume he also had a shiny black cane which aided with his knee if it decided to be emotional.

Jack arrived at the entrance to her quarters and tapped the chime.

"Come in," Etaera called. She affixed her own mask to her face, checking her reflection in the mirror.

Jack stepped in and made his way to Etaera's bedroom to where he found he adjsuting herself in the mirror, pensive feelings aside aboutt he ball he had to tell her the truth on her adjustments as he placed hands upon her shoulders as he stepped in behind her, "you look wonderful."

Etaera smiled, meeting his eyes in the mirror. "Thanks, you look rather dashing yourself.

Valeris herself was quite intrigued by the prospect of a masquerade, as she liked to dress nicely if the occasion was right. She did some research and came up with a combination she liked. Her dress was a deep green colour with the slightest hint of teal. The bust followed the shape of her body in almost a heart shape, with fine embroidery. The skirt was long, pencil shaped until about her knee where it flared out, parts of a lighter shade of a lighter material added to accentuate the flare. Along the skirt, fine darker green straps were embroidered vertically, accentuating the length of the legs.

Her make up was light on the eyes, just enough to accentuate them, more emphasis on her lips which were a deep, dark red. Her flame red hair was flowing free over her bare shoulders, effectively as a shawl. Her mask was made of a see through material, of a dark red hue, the firm, support contours of it a green matching the colour of her dress and shoes. It covered her eyes and her nose, the upper part of the cheekbone, flaring into what looked like little flame tips at their end, almost like fiery wings.

Hoping she hadn't overdone it, Valeris rang the buzzer.

"Come in," Etaera called.

Valeris stepped inside. "Well, I'm glad I decided on colour, all three of us black would have made for a dour proceeding." She chuckled as she looked each over. "Both of you look very nice though."

Etaera laughed, "I can't actively avoid people as the CO, but I can certainly wear dark clothing and pray they don't notice me." She stepped forward to get a better look at Valeris. "You look great, that color suits you rather well."

She checked herself a moment, tucking a combadge in the small clutch she carried. "Ready to meet our adoring public?"

Valeris nodded, "let's do this."

Jack's eyes kept finding there way to Valeris' dress, very much like the aqua designs Maliya would wear to such. "You look great, Val."

Valeris smiled and nodded, "thank you."


A few moments later they had beamed down to Risa, where the sun was beginning to set. The venue was near the ocean, and a light breeze drifted inland as the transporter released them. The building nearby was large enough to handle twice the Cerberus' crew's numbers, and was half dance floor, half veranda. All the doors were open, allowing people to easily move in and out of the building. Beach chairs lined the patio of the veranda, as though beckoning them in from outside. Etaera adjusted her mask as she walked over. Already she could see the first of the party guests beaming down, and she wished to be the first one in.

Stepping past the white railings and deck chairs with teal covers, Etaera entered the ballroom. The windows and doors were tall, letting in every bit of a view.

Valeris was keeping up a bright smile though it was in truth a facade. She was somewhat worried how Jack would handle it, considering she knew his history with masquerade balls. The other half was fighting against flashbacks of her own. The Revan's shoreleave before the disaster, the presence of open water so close. She used to love the water, especially Risan water.

She was a myriad of emotions on the inside, but as usual, only the smile showed. The Bajoran followed the Captain in a bright smile at the vastness of the room.

Jack walked in stride with the captain, more keeping character of the Phantom of the Opera with a neutral demeanor as they entered the area. "Well I see you and the Risan's coordinated a lot into this."

"I've been doing a lot of research in my spare time," Etaera replied simply. She gasped slightly as she entered the ballroom to find that they'd employed a holoprojector to make it appear like there was no ceiling above them, just beautiful sky. The far "wall" was a holoprojected image as well, made to look like a Venetian canal. Gondola drivers appeared to move by, disappearing as soon as the reached one end.

Round tables with white tablecloths were set up on one half of the room, with an open area for dancing on the other. Earth classical music was playing, and several Risans-- whose garb fit the theme-- awaited their arrival.

"Ah, Captain Lin," one said, stepping forward. "I'm Cailin," greeted a statuesque blonde. Despite appearing to be in her 50s or 60s, she was still stunning, and she filled out a corset admirably.

"It's good to meet you. Cailin, you've outdone yourself," Etaera said. "This is Lieutenant Commander Jack Lashmore, and Lieutenant Commander Marta Valeris."

Cailin's eyes stayed stuck on Etaera. "You must forgive me... it's... hard for me you see."

Etaera grasped Cailin's hands in her own. "It's hard for most non-Trill, don't worry."

"It's just he-"

"He is inside me, but he is dead."

Cailin nodded, looking over to Jack and Valeris finally. "Admiral Lin threw a tremendous party in his day," she explained.

Valeris smirked, "and the after parties must have been a blast too." The bajoran chuckled, "best way to honour the departed is to honour how they did things. Or rather, out do."

Etaera seemed as though she was mentally tabulating a list. "Yeah... I don't think our shore leave is quite that long..."

Valeris grinned, "this one anyway." She looked over at Jack, "save me a spot on the dance card at some point? I promise to keep his virtue fully intact, ma'am."

Jack had keep a straight face as apparently one of Lin's formerly lives lovers had introduced themselves. Nodding and smiling to the exchanges he then extended his hand toward Cailin, "pleasure to meet you."

A nod to Valeris, "if the men give you a free moment, it'd be an honor."

Valeris nodded gracefully, "I'll go tend to the troops, give you guys a moment." Before either could say anything, the Bajoran headed towards where one could see crew beaming down.

"Thanks," Etaera said, glad that Valeris would take care of the incoming crew.

"It's good to meet you, Commander," Cailin positively purred, her interests drawn to the man at Etaera's side. It was all the Trill could do not to roll her eyes. How did I fall for this act? she thought, realizing a moment later that the scenery had been good, and the sex great.

Jack smiled though he could identify a Cougar from a mile away. he however kissed her hand formerly, "so we have you and yours to thank for setting this up for us?"

"Why yes. The Captain was very specific, but I feel that we have executed admirably, wouldn't you think, Jack?"

Etaera made a poor attempt of hiding a snicker behind a cough.

Jack let go of the hand and leaned back, "we're both grateful for your help in hosting and preparation." Jack said as he made a mental note to hook his arm with Etaera's with a lazy smile.

"We should really get to our crew, they'll be arriving... well.... now," Etaera said. "Thanks again for all your assistance."

"Anything for you," Cailin said, and walked back over to her people.

"How many one night stands has Lin had with local populace over the past few decades?" Jack asked Etaera with a smirk, "this could be fun."

"If I could count that high, Jack, I surely couldn't remember."

"I don't need numbers, I find it amusing." Jack stared forward noting several crew had arrived, "well time to be hosts."

Commander Etaera Lin
Commanding Officer


Lt.Cmdr Jack Lashmore
Executive Officer


Lt.Cmdr. Marta Valeris
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