USS Cerberus

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In This Together?

Posted on Mon Jun 29th, 2015 @ 4:30pm by Jadan Eres & Lieutenant Kevin Blackwell & Lieutenant JG Jadan Kende

Mission: Shore Leave: Risan Masquerade
Location: Sickbay


Eres laced her fingers with Kendes, nervously as she walked with him towards the medical bay. She had an appointment to follow up with the Doctor about the possibility of her and Kende having their own little gray skinned wrinkly nosed spoonheaded eating and pooping monster as Kende so affectionately and teasingly referred to their future child.

"How do you look so calm and collected?" she asked him.

"Because I am calm and collected. He's either going to tell us it's not going to work or give us hope," Kende said softly. "You do know we can adopt, right? I was adopted."

Eres sighed, "Yes, and that's an option, but I still want to try again for our own." she said. "I remember what its like to hold an infant after birth, I know what its like to feel the baby in me. I miss that, and I want a chance to have that again. Plus our babies will be very unique, and I kind of want that too." she said.

"Unique is usually a bad thing when it comes to children. Anything different and they will be picked on for it," Kende said with a slight grunt as he sat down and put his head in his hands. He was actually happy that they couldn't have kids, he'd much rather adopt. He didn't want their children to suffer like he did. "How much longer until the doctor gets here?"

Eres licked her lips, "I'll see if he's in the office." she said moving away from him, feeling a bit of a pit in her stomach. Maybe this is what was making her nervous. She knew he had doubts about fathering their own child, but was it more than she thought?

Feeling even more uneasy she walked in to the doctors office and knocked on the door frame, "Hey Doc. Uh... Kende and I are here for the... follow up?" she said slowly.

Looking up, Kevin smiled. "Of course! Please, come in," he said, ushering the couple into his office. "It's so good to see the both of you. How have you been?"

"Been better I think." Eres said with uncertainty as she eyed Kende. "But alright." she pasted a bright disguising smile on her face, "All part of the adjustments for the new job." she shrugged.

"I hear you. Well, no need beating around the bush..." Kevin began. "I've been reviewing the scans we did earlier and reading what I could, in between all of that vaccination business. I apologize for not being able to get back with you sooner, but I believe I have good news."

The doctor brought up Eres' file on his computer screen and turned it so all three of them could see it clearly. "Regarding the scar tissue, I'm convinced that it can be repaired. There have been some newer surgical methods developed, and I feel that they can be used to repair the damage to your system."

Eres gripped her hands together feeling hope surge inside of her from her gut, she smiled and nodded to the Doctor.

Kende felt a small pit in his stomach but covered it well, he'd sat down in a chair near Eres and was listening to the doctor. IT wasn't that he didn't want kids, he was terrified of what a half Bajoran, half Cardassian would have to endure.

Kevin stretched out a kink in his neck and continued. "The high endorphin levels are still a mystery. I believe they are related to the poison you were exposed to, but their seems to be no trace of whatever substance the, uh, midwife had used left in your system. I've been looking into some generic medicines that might be of use to us on that front, but I was wondering if you ever heard anyone identify the specific poison used? I'm sorry for being so blunt, but there was no mention in the records I requested."

Eres looked at Kende then back at the doctor, "Medical help was not exactly a common thing during the resistance, especially for someone thought to be a pleasure woman, even though I wasn't" she said tightly. Her choice not to kill the child of the Carcassian Gil who took advantage of her had been a hard one, and she'd paid dearly for it.

"I'm not sure what poison was used, and to be perfectly blunt I never researched it. It would have likely been something that can only be created via herbs in the district I lived in though." she said. "Maybe that will help?"

"That will help a lot, actually." Kevin responded, enthusiastically. "I can feed the possibilities into the computer and begin running simulations on them and their various combinations. I had thought about starting you on something more generic, but I might be able to prescribe something far more effective when I review the data from the hypothetical comparisons. Would you mind waiting for me to finish my 'experiment' before proceeding?"

"Of course." she said. "Whatever gives us the best possible chances."

The CMO smiled. "Fantastic. I'll let you know as soon as I narrow down the best option. Shouldn't take much longer, now that the Nimbus mess is behind us."

"Also," Kevin added, turning his attention to Mr. Jadan, "I would be remiss if I didn't run some basic tests on you, Kende. Nothing too dramatic, just a bit more focused than what you would have received during your recent physical. Your reproductive health is equally important in this venture."

"Of course Doctor Blackwell, it's nothing we've not already been through at least a hundred times," Kende smiled at the doctor. "Let me know when and I'll be down."

"Why wait? We can take care of it right now, save you another trip," Kevin informed him. "But first, another question; last time we spoke, we were still awaiting counseling staff, but now we have a few on hand. Have you had the chance to meet with anyone yet?"

"Not yet, although I know we need to." Eres said eyeing her husband. She knew some of his concerns but they did not see totally eye to eye on them, and they needed to work that out.

"I'm more then willing to do any tests you need done doc," Kende wanted to ignore the counseling request, he was proud and stubborn and didn't believe they needed help. The tests he'd been through before and didn't care as much. "Let's just focus on that for now."

"Kende..." Eres said frowning.

"What?" Kende turned and gave Eres a look, seeing a counselor wasn't a useful or worthwhile thing he wanted to do. "I said I'd run the tests, again."

She let out a sigh, "It's not that..." she shook her head then shifted looking at the doctor, "Go for the tests doctor." She and Kende could talk later, although it was likely to be a fight. Oh joy.

"All right," Kevin answered, having sat respectfully during the exchange. He knew this was a difficult subject and he was more than willing to let the couple talk it out, but he also had respect for their boundaries and privacy. "Kende, if you'll follow me out to a biobed this should only take a few minutes. Eres, it probably wouldn't hurt to take another quick scan of you, for comparison purposes - you know, see if there have been any fluctuations."

The doctor intentionally led the way out to allow the couple a moment alone if needed. He began to prep Biobed 2, taking time with the setup so the Jadans wouldn't feel rushed.

Kende stood up from the chair he was sitting in and looked over at Eres, he hated how strained things always felt between them and was desperate to reconnect with her. He offered her his hand, "Come on sweetie."

Eres stood up and took his hand, almost hesitently. She watched him a moment her dark eyes brimming with years of emotions, questions and some confusion. She was glad he was willing to do this, but she had a feeling he was willing because it was what she wanted, and not what he wanted. The sad truth was she wasn't certain he would be totally honest with her about that. Or maybe he would and that would hurt just as bad. "Lets get this done." she said meekly and followed him out to the exam area before releasing his hand and jumping up on her own biobed.

Kende simply nodded to her before he hopped up onto it and let out a soft breath. "All right Doc, let's get this over with."



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