USS Cerberus


Clouds on the Horizon

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Ever since the Hobus supernova, the fringes of the former Romulan Empire have been a hotbed for unsavory activity. Within Romulan territory, various forces have been fighting, both to establish dominance... and to survive. Nimbus III, located in what was once the Romulan Neutral Zone, has also suffered from the aftermath. Once a shared colony world of the Klingons, Romulans, and Federation, it has recently been the target of Orion pirates, and other unsavory characters. Now, a deadly virus threatens the Vulcans and Romulans on the planet, and threatens to decimate their numbers unless action is taken soon.

The crew of the USS Cerberus must take action to locate the team of the USS Darling, which was initially sent in to manage the plague. The runabout was found empty with signs of a struggle evident inside. Meanwhile, they must deal with a planet full of unsavory characters, and deal with the effects of the plague.

Shore Leave: Risan Masquerade

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After several members of the Cerberus crew end up captured and injured on Nimbus III, the vessel is allowed to journey to Risa, and recover from their physical/emotional wounds.

Miniplot: What Once Was True

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Commander Etaera Lin was once the Captain of the USS Hitomi. After a poor choice made based on the opinions of her symbiont's previous host, she lost nearly everything. She was demoted, spend two years on desk duty, and tarnished her reputation. She has always believed that there was something more to the situation, which has caused her to call in her most trusted crew members to investigate.

Mini-plot: Web of Fear

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To be announced :-D

Scourge of the Risan Seas

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In the interests of getting to know her new crew members in a relaxed environment, LT CDR Etaera Lin has created a holodeck simulation, which features an island adventure in the seas of Risa.