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Lieutenant Micah Nivans

Name Micah Adrian Nivans

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 173lbs
Hair Color Light Blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Micah is an energetic powerhouse built on a handsome, athletic frame. His love of health is clear in his physique and flawless skin free from scars and tattoos. He's slightly taller than the average human male and his weight reflects his strength and build. His deep-set eyes glow bright, quick to grab anyone's attention, a perfect compliment to his shining smile and dark blonde hair. While every bit a mature and fully functional male, Micah is both plagued and blessed with somewhat permanent boyish features such as ample cheeks, a youthful grin, and small ears. He's unashamed to confess that his favorite feature about himself is his butt.


Father Preston Nivans
Mother Delilah Nivans
Brother(s) Luke Nivans (older)
Elijah Nivans (younger)
Gideon Nivans (younger)
Sister(s) Eden Nivans (older)
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Overall, Micah is a calm, cool, collected, confident southern gentleman with a wild side and a moderate southern drawl. He's a man at odds with the mind of realist and the heart of an optimist . Being tactfully honest in behavior and words makes him both agreeable and engaging . It is not uncommon to see a small smile on his face but it is not a good idea to be the one to make it disappear because, while he is amicable and capable of forgiveness, once his favor is lost it is likely to be gone forever. Micah quickly moves on and/or ignores many negative emotions which results in him not being very good at communicating such feelings. Like many natural leaders he has a tendency to burden himself with heavier work loads and has difficulty in sharing arduous or dangerous tasks. He's not a very talented chef and he abhors drunkenness.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths

⦁ Strong, athletic physique.
⦁ A relatively talented pilot for not being a pilot
⦁ Easily content with bare minimum/ does not require many creature comforts
⦁ Ingenuitive
⦁ Enjoys learning about different departments, especially engineering and cultural/religious studies


⦁ Doesn't invest much of himself in his relationships, platonic or otherwise
⦁ Bottles emotions of guilt and regret
⦁ He is willing to try anything once but if he lacks a certain, self-prescribed, level of natural talent it takes effort for him to muster the desire to try it again.
⦁ Often feels adrift in life
Ambitions To counteract the failure of his parents with his own success, become his own man, incomparable to and independent of his siblings, and survive long enough to see what life has in store for him.
Hobbies & Interests Sports, fitness, women, whittling, ambient house music, learning interesting things. His guilty pleasure is reading fashion magazines.

Personal History Due to his father's alcoholism and mother's absence Micah was mostly raised by his older brother and sister and at an early age was helping them maintain the home and helping raise two younger brothers. When his sister left for Starfleet his responsibility to his family increased and left him feeling a little envious. Growing up he was a typical boy living in a small town; enough energy to power a Galaxy class starship, a fascination with creepy crawlies, gagged at the sight of broccoli, and somehow always dirty even on Sunday mornings.

He has a particularly strong bond with his younger brother Elijah; they were inseparable as children and did everything together, including joining Starfleet and going into the Academy together (although they opted for different tracks- Micah went into security operations and Elijah went into engineering.)
Micah shed his backwoods skin in his years at the Academy and learned that he liked the taste of independence and cherry lip gloss on female Trill cadets. His first year felt like a trial by fire due to the culture shock and intense schooling but he survived and eventually found his rhythm and his place, surprising himself with how much he was able to achieve which made him more thirsty for more success. He was more interested in girls than in fighting but there is one incident on record. Micah made it to graduation along side Elijah with high marks and several academic achievements.

Like any other security officer, he weathered the hazing of being a freshly graduated officer with no real experience but his personable nature and work ethic made weathering the storm of entering the fleet easier and he proved to be an excellent security officer, however, everyone makes mistakes and is forced to learn lessons the hard way, Micah being no exception.

Early into his lieutenancy one such mistake would reshape his nature and solidify his position concerning interpersonal relationships at the high price of another officer's life. It was said that if LTJG Anjohl Renalla, a Bajoran security officer, couldn't domesticate the wild Lieutenant Nivans then no one could. They were like two peas in a pod; to Micah she was like a private island where anything could happen and there weren't any worries. As much as he would have loved to give her every benefit of his position out of love and kindness neither would have gained anything from it in their careers so in order to avoid any suspicion, or tarnish either of their records, he was often harder on his lover than anyone else in his department. The mission that would forever plague the young man involved a dangerous group known as the True Way who were holding a number of Federation Diplomats hostage. Micah hand picked every member of the rescue team, including himself, but after a disgruntled ensign made some coarse comments having to do with Micah and Renalla's relationship Micah took himself off of the squad and sent Renalla in his place to prove that he was not expressing preference. 34 hours later she would die an excruciatingly slow, horrifying death, her cries for help and her last words recorded for the entire ship to hear and there were no remains to mourn over. Time slipped away and eventually Micah was able to recuperate but never quite the same as he was before.

Some time after, Starfleet transferred him to a new duty station and he was able to make a fresh start, bright blue eyes looking forward unto the future, awaiting whatever orders were handed down.
Service Record ⦁ USS Goddad (NCC-59621) - Ensign/SO
⦁ USS Ahwahnee (NCC-71620) - Ensign/SO/Team Leader
⦁ Starbase 12 - Ensign/SO/Promoted to LTJG
⦁ USS Robert Louis Stevenson (NCC-1281) - LTJG/SO/Tactical training
⦁ USS Exeter (NCC-26531) - LTJG/SO/Team Leader
⦁ USS Heart of Gold (NCC-42) - LTJG/Promoted to Lieutenant/Promoted to ACoS/Passed Bridge Exam
⦁ Starbase 39-Sierra - Lieutenant/Administration
⦁ USS Discovery - Lieutenant/ACTO
⦁ USS Cerberus - Lieutenant/Chief of Security