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Lieutenant Aoife Gallegos

Name Aoife Shae Gallegos

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 66 inches
Weight 135 lbs
Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Eye Color Light blue
Physical Description Aoife has a small lithe body with an average human female stature. Her strength is quite deceiving as she has spent many years working on starships and bases as well as fighting in the Dominion War. Her competitive swimming in her early years honed her strength even further.


Father Stepan Gallegos (deceased)
Mother Iona-Anne MacInnis

Personality & Traits

General Overview Aoife (EEfa) is a talented and skilled engineer who does not back down from a challenge. She still struggles with her social skills, especially in extremely large crowds. She works well under pressure and thrives when she is in her element. She manages her team well and efficiently, ensuring that everything is done to standards safely. She handles the stress and tries to make sure that everyone is working where they excel at the best. She is quite reserved and shy upon first impressions. However, she is quite outgoing once she opens up. From her time in the engineering corps, she enjoys studying different techniques for hand-to-hand combat and practices regularly her combat skills in her off time to ensure she is prepared for anything. She had some minor field medical training from learning under mother, and out in the field during the Dominion War. Whenever there is a chance for shore leave, she always tries to make time to leave the ship to go and explore the stars from the ground on new planets. Growing up on a space station, she never really got go go exploring other planets and do the standard outdoors stuff. Having the Holodeck and plenty of time since the War, she spends most of her spare time in the holodeck off shift during missions.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
* Engineering Technologies
* Compassionate
* Challenges
* Drive

Weaknesses :
* Opening "Cans of Worms"
* Stubborness
* Slight Social awkwardness
Ambitions Making space travel safer for everyone. Ensuring that the job is done right, and efficiently. Find problems before they happen.
Hobbies & Interests * Swimming
* Rock climbing
* Hiking
* New Technology
* Drawing
* Hand-to-Hand Combat
* Camping

Personal History Aoife grew up as an only child on a deep space station, Starbase 391. She was named after her great-great grandmother. While her mother worked in the infirmary, her father worked on the general every day Starbase maintenance team. When she started to grow older, there was no real structured school for her. Her father and mother tag team home schooled her through her childhood in and into her teens. When she wasn't at school, Aoife was running around the 'woodwork' of the station and started to take things apart to see how they worked. Her father was none too pleased with this as there were sometimes that she wasn't able to get them back together while working correctly again.

It didn't take her long to master the systems the visiting Starfleet vessels had as she continued working on her schooling. She knew that she wanted to follow in the footsteps of her father, but she knew that she wanted to go further than what he had. She wanted to go and explore the stars, not be stuck to some outlying starbase cleaning up after raucous visitors.

With both of her parents working on her home schooling, her mother knew that there was going to be little left that they could do to continue her education. On a whim, she requested the entrance exams to be sent from Starfleet Academy and gave them to Aoife without telling her what they were. She aced the exams and was granted early admission to Starfleet Academy in 2371.

She left her parents with a heavy heart knowing that she was going to be away from them for longer than a month at a time. Elation ran through her though at the prospects of the unknown. When she arrived at the Academy, she struggled at first with adapting to the social environment. There were few kids back on their deep space station and there were so many more people that were older than her studying along side her. It didn't take long for her to adapt and to start to make friends, even if she was still socially awkward from the sheltered life.

However, at the beginning of her third year at the Academy, the Dominion War broke out. The academy started pushing those that were able through their programs of study quicker in order to get more officers trained. Her accelerated course load was a lot of work, but she managed to get through it without too much headache. She had already an intensified study load as it was more comfortable to her to be buried in the books than out partying with the rest of the cadets.

Her cadet cruise on the USS Mississippi was relatively uneventful, until they were pulled in to battle. As one of the fire response teams on the ship, she was on call all the time. That meant what time she wasn't working on the remaining coursework, she was sleeping, swimming or fighting fires. She enjoyed the adrenaline rushes that came with each and every fire. Even though they had taught them at the Academy most fires were all the same, she knew that was not the case. She had learned to let the fire teach her how to respond to it. By doing this, she saved her team when a fire went rogue by breaching the containment field.

A couple of months later, the Mississippi wasn't so lucky fighting against the Dominion and they were forced to return home limping to be decommissioned. This completed her cadet cruise, and she was promoted to ensign and reassigned to the engineering corps. Here she became a ground and space combat engineer putting her abilities to the test as they fought their way through the end of the Dominion War.

As a combat engineer, she was never really directly in the line of fire. She knew how to handle herself on the combat field though and was able to hold her own ground when it came down to a fire fight, whether it be a gun fight, knife fight or hand-to-hand combat. Her father on the other hand wasn't so lucky and was one of the many casualties during the War.

Thankfully, the war came to an end before any serious psychological problems had time to take root and fester. She was promoted after the war to the Melbourne. Here as a straight up engineering officer, she became a jackette of all engineering trades as she repaired, and went where she was needed to go. She enjoyed her position, even though she longed for something more; she just wasn't sure what exactly she wanted. Her chief engineering officer took her under his wing and advised that the Titan was a great place to work to advance one's career. With his recommendation, she was able to get a transfer over there. Here her life was relatively quiet. It gave her the time to think and reflect on what she really wanted, and she knew that she wanted to be the one in charge and when she could no longer do that, she would go and teach somewhere or do research and development.

Finally after six years, she finally was able to snag herself an assistant chief engineering position that she had been vying for since she figured out what she wanted. She spent another five years honing her engineering skills and social skills. In doing this, she was promoted to a full lieutenant in 2390. When the opportunity presented itself for a chief engineering position on the USS Cerberus, she didn't hesitate a moment and jumped at the opportunity.
Service Record 2391 - Present: Chief Engineering Officer
2386 - 2391 - USS Cosmos; Lt. Jg - Lt.; Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
2380 - 2386 - USS Titan; Lt. Jg; Engineering Officer
2375 - 2380 - USS Melbourne; Ensign; Engineering Officer
2374 - 2375 - Engineering Corps; Ensign; Combat Engineer
2373 - 2374 - USS Mississippi - Cadet Cruise; Firefighter
2371 - 2373 - Starfleet Academy; Engineering Corps