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Jadan Eres

Name Jadan Eres

Position Media and Law Enforcement Relations

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bajoran
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 1"
Weight 110 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Physical Description: Eres is a short slender woman with a thick mane of hair and large brown eyes. She has a shapely figure, having borne a child early in life. Rarely seen with out make up on to hide an old scar along the right side of her face, Eres is always looking ready for a party.


Relationship Status Jadan Kende
Children Touso Kina (Deceased, Cardassian/Bajoran - Biological Father Gil Atonro Ditot)
Father Nathia Lierk
Mother Nathia Hora (Deceased)
Brother(s) Nathia Micho
Other Family Gleda Karoot, Touso Miko

Personality & Traits

General Overview General Overview: Eres is an idealistic, sweet, and some what silly soul, she can be charming and disarming when she wants to be. She will crack a joke and blush fiercely if it did not fetch the response she was expecting. While she has a certain confidence around her, and is generally happy-go-luckly, there are times in which she can be extremely sensitive. There is a strong undercurrent of emotions that run wild under the surface.

Eres tends to overshare details of her life, believing if her suffering was for herself alone then it was pointless. It has been something of a struggle to learn not to overshare. Eres has suffered in her life, and while she talks about it openly, she has not truly dealt with her pain. She is a firm believer in the Prophets and takes her religion seriously.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Hard Worker

-Too open
Ambitions To ensure nothing like the occupation of Bajor happens to anyone else. She also wishes to have a family.
Hobbies & Interests Eres loves to play games, read books, and joke around. She enjoys dancing and fashion. Dressing up is one of her favorite parts of her job. She has been known to make her own clothing.

Personal History Eres was born in a farming community to Lierk and Hora during the height of the occupation of Bajor. Her community provided a lot of food for their Cardassian overseerers, so there was a large Cardassian presence around her while growing up. There was a level of control over her community's citizens but over the years they had struck a relative peace with the Cardassians who ensure the food was properly handled and not poisoned.

Eres was well educated secretly at night with her brother and a couple of other children, by the sympathetic Cardassian wife of Gul Karoot who was in charge of her provence and lived on a hillside mansion that once belonged to to Eres’ family. They called her Lady Karoot, and she was a family woman who loved children of all kinds. She had been a teacher all her life and could not resist teaching the Bajoran children. While dangerous the Bajoran Parents took the opportunity in hopes that educated children would mean better lives later, and deemed it worth the risk.

The days of balance would not last forever, as Eres grew older the young men in her community grew to chafe under the thumb of the Cardassians and began to build connections to the resistance. Violence became more of a norm as the Cardassians began to beat the young men into submission, which made things worse. Eres was sheltered as much as her parents could. Gal Karoot, feeling slighted by the betrayal and lack of respect loosened up the control on his men, and allowed wives and daughters above the age of 14 to be taken for pleasure whenever, and wherever the overseers desired. Since the community was filled with strong, fit, healthy, and spirited Bajoran women it became almost a challenge for the Cardassians to get their way, which thrilled them.

Eres was 14 when her mother was taken by the foreman who oversaw the field on her family's land, Gil Ditot. She witnessed his attack, and the horror of it shocked her. No more was she sheltered from the reality of what her life had become. She ran to help her mother and stop the Cardassian, but her father dragged her back to the house, despite her screams and demands they help her mother. She didn’t know that there were four other Cardassian guards lurking around, gleefully watching, laying in wait for Eres, and known to be the most brutal, and had no problems skipping a year for a pretty Bajoran girl.

Eres’ mother died that day, and Eres hated her father for letting it happen, it would be years before she learned the truth that her father had been forced to make the horrible choice of hoping his wife would live, or getting them all killed fighting. To this day, Eres still holds resentments and is haunted by attack.

This the day she began to see Cardassians for what they were and not for what Gleda Karoot, the Guls wife had portrayed. Bitter and angry Eres refused the aide Lady Karoot offered, including the safety of being her personal servant girl, and therefore untouchable for other Cardassians. Now that Eres’ eyes were opened she understood far more of what their oppressors were doing to her people, and she would not serve even Lady Karoot willingly.

She began to search for ways to defy the Cardassian overseers and quickly found some resistance connections. It was there she met Miko, a very young resistance fighter who had fled his home city when it was burned to the ground. He now worked with a pair of older fighters who helped small villages like her own. Miko and Eres hit it off. She just turned 15 and she was quickly smitten by the 16 year old Miko.

Eres’ father forbid the relationship, and forbid her to have anything to do with the resistance, he and her brother were enough and he wanted to keep her out of it, but Eres was determined to be a part, especially with her growing feelings for Miko. Theirs was an exciting relationship, full of danger and hard days which drew them closer together as the fighting increased in her home village, and her relationship with her father deteriorated.

The pair became engaged and planned to marry as soon as the war was over now that there were many whispers of a soon coming victory. Eres’ life was about to change again when one night she was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and Gil Ditot came for her. She had been a part of a group who killed several of his men, and he had it out for her group. She was his captive for three days and he did everything he pleased to her, nearly killing her in the process.

Ditot finally tossed her in a field on a cold rainy night as a message left to her group, not expecting her to survive, but she did, and within a couple of weeks as she regained her strength began to sneeze a lot. The telltale sign of Bajoran pregnancy was true, and Eres was indeed pregnant by Ditot. Eres endured a lot of difficult choices over the next four months, many in her village wanted her out of the resistance if she did not rid herself of the child, and in truth, the pain and torture of how she conceived was enough to tempt her, but with Miko promising to remain by her side, and to raise the child with her made her decide to keep it.

The birth was difficult, someone attempted to poison her to force the babys death, and it resulted in early labor. Eres and her half Cardassian daughter barely survived, but beat the odds. She and Miko couldn’t have been happier as they named the baby Kina, after his little sister who had died fighting. They felt that Kina was a gift from the Prophets, a compensation for the trauma Eres had been forced to endure.

Life was difficult but Eres was happy with her plans for the future and taking care of Kina, but when the end of the occupation ended Ditot did not want any evidence of his life to survive. The day they had to leave he found Eres, Miko, and Kina. It was a brutal fight, and Eres was the only survivor, and even then only barely.

Her father cared for her, before she found out that someone had provided for an education for her, having no direction in life and battling the constant desire to end her life Eres finally accepted. She would later find out that Gleda Karoot had provided it, through her resistance connections, before she had run for Federation space, a traitor to her own Cardassian people, and now a widow.

The first year was difficult for Eres, but she poured herself in to the education and worked as a diplomatic aide. When her education was complete, she became an entry level diplomat at the Bajoran consulate on Earth.

It was there she met Kende, and it took a while for her to fall for him, but when she did, she fell hard and he changed her life forever. It wasn’t easy being a diplomat with a starfleet husband, but they made it work. She had to spend weeks apart from Kende at times over the next 9 years, causing her to question her work, but Kende encouraged her to keep at it and trust the Prophets to bring them together permanently, eventually. She was eventually approached about a new type of job that would use her learned skills, but also add to them, by giving her press training, she was promised a solid position on the ship Kende was going to be assigned too. It was an easy choice and Eres became the Press Liaison for The USS Cerberus, while retaining her full diplomatic rank and position.