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Lieutenant JG Jadan Kende

Name Jadan Kende

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Cardassian
Age 30 (Born 2361)

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 218 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Kende looks Cardassian, he has greyish skin, neck bones that run down his neck and onto his shoulders. Two cranial ridges that run down the right and left side of his face and over his eyes and a distinct spoon shape right in the center of his forehead. The biggest appearance difference between him and the average Cardassian is the earring he wears on right ear and its importance in Bajorian culture.


Relationship Status Jadan Eres
Father Jadan Roka
Mother Jadan Danrel
Brother(s) Jadan Zil
Sister(s) Jadan Torl, Jadan Tuim

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kende likes to keep to himself in larger groups, a by product of being an orphan. When he does open up he often tries too hard to impress people and has had difficulty raining in his nature. When you get past the surface Kende is a strong man with a moral base and one who loves the exploration of space. He tends to keep more to himself but is very driven and works hard to achieve his goals.

Kende is deeply devoted to the Prophets and believes wholeheartedly, he prays to them on a regular basis and considers himself Bajorian despite his obvious Cardassian heritage.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Hard Worker

-Comes off as Aloof
-Tries too hard to Impress
Ambitions Kende joined Starfleet because he wanted to to help make a difference and to begin a strong career with an engineering background. He loves his career in Starfleet and wants to work his way up to command level one day. He knows he has a great deal of hurtles to over come because he is Cardassian but he works that much harder to achieve them.
Hobbies & Interests Kende has a very technical mind and loves breaking things down, he enjoys playing games, watching different movies and playing in the holodeck. He enjoys spending time with his wife.

Personal History Kende was born on Bajor to two Cardassian parents with the name of Kori Heeka in the Bajorian capital. His father was a soldier in the Bajorian occupation force and his mother remained at home to raise her children, he was the sixth child born to the Heeka family and spent his younger days learning the ways of the Cardassian.

Shortly after Kori's fourth birthday his parents along with nearly his entire family were killed in a Bajorian terrorist attack leaving him an orphan with no status in Cardassian society. It was something he never fully understood but the Bajorians that worked for his parents understood it all too well and took him in and began to raise him as their own.

At first he fought, he was a Cardassian and they were Bajorian, he wasn't supposed to accept them. They were supposed to work for him but Jadan Roka was a strong, firm man who held to his beliefs and raised Kori like he was his own, loved him like he was own even when Kori fought against him tooth and nail.

On his sixth birthday he witnessed the brutality of the Cardassians, one of the Jadan's neighbors were suspected to have ties to a Bajorian resistance cell and were publicly drug out onto the street while he was forced to watch. They were put on their knees and executed by the Cardassian military while they laughed and created the incident with casual disdain.

That stuck with Kende, it was a defining moment in his life and made him realize that he didn't want to be Cardassian anymore. The family had been nothing but kind to him and he spent time with their children playing, they had accepted him when his own people rejected him and he couldn't stand to be in his own skin and he took a knife to his arms feeling as if he deserved to be punished for the actions of the Cardassian people.

When Roka found him, sobbing and bleeding he scooped the boy up and tended to his wounds before he just cradled him in his arms and told him how sorry he was that Kende had to witness such an atrocity. Only after Kende managed to calm down did Roka explain to him what happened and why it was important Kende was innocent of the crime they committed. He was too young to be guilty and that day Kende became one of Roka’s sons.

Two more years passed before the occupation of Bajor ended, Kende was ten years old and it was one of the happiest days of his life. His village celebrated for days and everyone was happy. The occupation was over and they were free. He’d never seen his father Roka happier and it was increadible.

When Kende turned sixteen, he decided against joining the Bajorian militia and instead seek admittance to Starfleet. They had one of the best engineering programs and he felt it was the more diplomatic option of the two. He was certain that Bajor would join the Federation one day and as a member of Starfleet he could be deeply involved when the time came. It also took him off of Bajor and gave him a chance at an education that a poor Bajorian farmer could never afford.

Luckily for Kende he knew several Starfleet officers that had taught part time at his school and his application to the academy was approved. He worked hard his final two years in school, while taking some more advanced engineering courses to help with credits towards his degree. He finished strong before heading off to the academy.

Life in the academy for the first year was difficult for Kende, he was not well liked because he was a Cardassian and even though the Dominion war had been over, it had touched a great many lives and many people found it difficult to forgive. It drove Kende to work hard on both mind and body. He spent as much time learning martial arts as he did Engineering and Operations. Despite some difficulty he made quite a few friends, including a girl he took quite an interest in his second year at the academy.

Eres wasn't a student in the academy, she was part of the Bajorian consulate and the two of them became fast friends. They’d both grown up in farming communities and had witnessed the brutality of the Cardassian’s first hand. She’d never recoiled when she met him and she always treated him with respect. He’d been nervous to ask her on a date and was surprised when she agreed. For two years they dated before returning to Bajor to marry durring the summer season before he was given his first assignment.
Service Record (2379-2383) Starfleet Academy, Engineering and Star Ship Operations, Cadet
(2383-2386) USS Praxis, Operations Officer, Ensign
(2386-2388) USS Valhalla, Assistant Chief Operations Officer, Lt. (JG)
(2388-2391) USS Eagle, Assistant Chief Operations Officer, Lt. (JG)
(2391-Present) USS Cerberus, Chief Operations Officer, Lt. (JG)