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Lieutenant Commander Jack Lashmore

Name Jack Vladimir Lashmore

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 42

Physical Appearance

Height 6 foot 1 inch
Weight 94 KG
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Despite his age due to the demographics of the 24th century in health and medicine Jack is of fair height and more than reasonable build. Jack's presence is often amplified by his casual air in appearance and general mood. Blue eyes, medium length hair, and barely-shaved stubble with an often ever-present soft smirk. A man with a definite swagger of his own.

Though this has an opposite, from the casual and approachable to the angry and reproachful, when Jack falls to the depressions of his past - such times ever a dark aura could be felt about him.


Relationship Status One divorce (Zara Tane), One deceased (Torrna Maliya)
Children One deceased, Jade (though unaware of her existence until she was a teenager)
Father Vladimir lashmore (MIA/deceased?)
Mother Julie Harris (deceased)
Brother(s) Drake lashmore (elder) Deceased
Sister(s) Annastasia Lashmore (younger)

Personality & Traits

General Overview One with a definite swagger about him physically Jack maintains such mentally as a front when dealing with others. His sarcasm, jokes and apparent random thoughts over-shadow a tactically calculative mind hiding its true thoughts.

To some he would seem a risk taker, one to leap without looking yet such quality within Jack seems perfectly in-tune with what thought process he may have at the time of action and aids the situation.

A bluntly honest man - he would tell anyone what he thinks unless he makes a mental effort not to do such. This has earned him a rather short list of friends - much to his own liking.
Strengths & Weaknesses His confidence - can be both a pro and con.
A tactical Mind - Pro
Physically hardened - pro
Prone to Alcoholism - Weakness
Yearns to learn with a random curiosity at odd intervals

Confrontational - pro & con given circumstances
Undervalues own life - pro and con given duty
Neglects minor details at times - con
Tends to withdraw into himself when deeply hurt
Ambitions He always though he just wanted to retire off and do his own thing, a good lass by his side.

Retirement from Starfleet only caused his own Homeworld to utilize him in its rebuilding process after the fall of Reetorg. He and another former Starfleet Officer...and wife, reformed the Driaan Defence Force and also a Special Operations Team which worked with both Starfleet Intelligence and the Driaan Defence Force (DDF).

Beings members of this team themselves Jack and his wife spent several years working towards raising Driaan to where it could be and they succeeded, yet at the cost of more than a few lives including his wifes.

Since then his ambitions have relatively been non-existant, Driaan was safe and self-secured and in truth no longer needed his guiding hand. To quote Jack, "I'm too old and too drunk to start over."
Hobbies & Interests Violin and Guitar
Horse Riding
Old Earth Music (21st century and earlier)
History / Reading
Light Tinkering (Mechanical)
Holodeck Exercises

Personal History

Jack Lashmore was a born citizen of the world Driaan V.

Driaan itself was an idea in formation before the Federation had signed its charters in 2161 - an Australian colony vessel to settle the stars, utilising cryogenics and a Noah's Ark design philosophy. Horses, live-stock, hundreds of entire families with resources to build again coaxed into a one large colony vessel for its time and sent forth...

The colony vessel did not make it to its intended target nor did the crew wake when intended yet drifted further towards Orion space. There, decades overdue to an incorrect destination they settled the Driaan System.
The fifth planet was M-class and thus first settled, however it was found that the system in all its bodies was rich in natural resources. Rare and beautiful diamonds from the Fifth Planets extinct moon - exotic gases from the gas giant, abundant metals from asteroid belts. The colony thrived over the next century.

Though the focus always seemed to tradition to original values. Parliament, agriculture, real food made by real hands. Though a massive capital city soon developed the majority of the population lived in scattered fringe settlements working the fields, tending the herds of live-stock and generally feed the systems economy and bellies.

Being so near the Orions, Driaan's prosperity was not to go unnoticed. Reetorg, an Orion Overlord, one of a Hundred that rule the Syndicate took special interest in the system. It was capable of being a strong and mighty independent empire without ever extending its borders.

Reetorg moved in with latinum and a business mind, yet not one to ignore the flare of political parties. Reetorg soon began a corporate takeover over a period of several years, buying out, mysterious accidents, gentle persuasions - he owned two political parties and the diamond mines as majority holder in the end.

And in the end he ruled Driaan.

The system soon became identical to most worlds under Syndicate rule - corrupt, decadent, violent and petty.

Jack Lashmore and his older brother were adopted of sorts into Reetorg's regime when their father had been declared missing. Placed within Reetorg's own personal guard. The guard was no more than Reetorg's most skilled followers in whatever their field, Reetorg took to delight training new operatives from a young age.

A mix of torture, education and physical endurance amongst all the adult operatives and with Reetorg himself forged what Reetorg believed a bond, he was not just their master but their father.
In truth most loathed yet feared the Orion, for he was a genetically enhance specimen and one not to be challenged. Jack and Drake had no choice but to follow their new master.

Life seemed good, the law system could not touch them out of fear, the pay was limitless and their were no restrictions. Smuggling, murder, assault, extortion, blackmail, organised market fixing and theft - the list went on.

Jack however could never deny a beautiful and intelligent face and Hope Devondale was exactly Jack's turning point. A lawyer for the courts, courts which knew they were powerless against Reetorg's corruptions, yet she tried to push either way and such endeared her to Jack despite him being part of the problem. Even though she was some years older than his nineteen years of his own.

And somehow she loved him as well, despite being opposites in every way- And like Romeo & Juliet, it ended in blood.

Hope reached too far and too deep and the inevitable happened. Jack arrived back to their home to find her slain and her attackers in wait, his own fellow operatives. They were given the order to kill him also. Drake, his brother, was not to be seen.

Fuelled by revenge or otherwise, Jack knew not but he overcame his superiors and was trained well enough what to do when was compromised.

He ran.

For almost a year Jack had wandered the quadrant, an odd job here and there. Some time had also been spent on relocating what funds and assets he could. he was rich, but with very little drive. At least nod rive until he was aboard a passenger liner passing through the Sol system.

An odd thought perhaps, a human who had never seen his species homeward, nor never much thought to. Though as he saw the Utopia Planitia Staryards and bustle of the system an energy seemed to awake in him. What he saw was purpose, a goal and justification in a broken life.

He applied to the Academy the next day. needless to say he had to cross many hurdles over the coming weeks, his records were fragmented to near non - existent and the academy was aware of enough to know he had criminal affiliations. An anonymous sponsor whom jack would only learn of in the many years to come had spoken on his behalf, Jack was admitted to the academy.

As a student Jack followed his Core Studies and Major's vigilantly, when not inclined to work towards his studies however Jack was older than most cadets and with a vastly different upbringing. he would often leave campus for a nightlife and be involved in more than one altercation which landed him under a less than appreciative light in concerns of the Academy, he was a loose cannon and was much too forward with the female students.

Before Jack could continue with his education and begin a Fourth Year Cadet cruise he had to face evaluation - and in all factors it seemed the board of directors for the Academy had already made their decision to remove him from the academy. Only two present at the meeting spoke on Jack's behalf, both were complete strangers to him at the time but both Timothy Richardson and Alex Night were adamant Jack would be a beneficial officer to the Fleet.

After much deliberation it was decided jack would attend his Fourth year Cadet Cruise on Richardson's Akira class Starship the USS Fenris. Alex Night also had a small chat with Jack about possible future prospects in his department, whatever that department may be.

The Dominion War began during his cruise and Richardson knowing Jack's skill set despite being a fleet cadet had at times applied Jack to the marine battalion aboard during ground hostilities.

Upon graduation Jack returned to the USS Fenris to continue serving in Richardson's war effort. The Fenris was still a ferry for marines and fighter squadrons, as such Jack was assigned as a Starfleet liaison with the Marine forces.

Essentially being another trained combatant alongside them. At other times on a few rare occasions Jack was able to man the tactical console upon the bridge during an engagement and found himself at ease, surprisingly.

As the quadrant cooled with the end of the Dominion War Jack found hismelf approached by Alex Night once more to join him for an induction. Jack had no assignment at the time and readily accepted a new challenge.

Jack found he relished the challenge that was presented, learning the basic ins and outs of Starfleet Intelligence, protocols, networks, resources and equipment. Jack was being filled in the gaps of his education and experienced to be one of Alex's operatives, not for permanent assignment to Alex but rather an inactive operative to be activated when needed.

Jack was then sent to a standard duty assignment until he was required.

The USS Hawking was a breath of normalcy, as far as Starship life aboard a Starfleet vessel could be considered normal. Though, the Hawking had one advantage, it was a galaxy class! Families, recreational facilities, a Commanding Officer with both wisdom and heart beyond his years and a crew that cared for each other almost as if family.

Job wise it had its moments - a few small border skirmishes, multiple first contact and exploration missions and one slight diplomatic incident. The only exception to normal was a partnership arranged by Alex Night.

Latisha Delreye, a psychological analyst from Night's department was assigned to the Hawking as counselor, where both and Jack knew the intent was for them to compliment each other's cover. It was often agents would role-play off assignment as man and wife. Such was soon practiced, minus the marriage.

Both Latisha and Jack's assignment aboard the Hawking were terminated by Starfleet intelligence and the two were ordered to report to Alex Night for immediate deployment. Rather than feel a sense of foreboding the couple were relatively eager to see what was in store for them.

Their mission was far from simple.

The assembled team was ordered to a remote fringe star system which was home to a remote listening station utilised by Starfleet Intelligence where a Borg scout ship had crash landed. The team was to secure the Listening-Post, and contain the Borg threat. Contain not eliminate - to combat the Borg was to learn from a living specimen, to combat assimilation was to have a living assimilated subject.

The mission went south fast, the Borg having seemingly adapted over a decade of encounters with humanity had released airborne nanites as a last ditch defence. Latisha was immediately infected and moments after two other team members also were.

Alex shot the first two dead and ordered a retreat before making to shoot Latisha. Jack wrestled with Alex, pushing the man to the ground after disarming him and shooting Latisha himself - it could only have been him to have done it, should have been.

Once safe in planetary orbit the team detached their final countermeasure, a hellfire warhead...incinerating all life, and all Borg presence on the planet surface.

Jack was relatively withdrawn after the Hellfire operation. His years aboard the USS Hume whilst eventful for him in terms of his work as Chief Tactical and Security Officer, they were empty in terms of his own personal life.

He made few friends, he focused more on his work - even if it was an excuse to simply realign the phaser arrays targeting emitters by hand rather than automation. The Hume's counselor had tried to reach out on numerous occasions to him on a more personal level yet he felt more as a ships protector than anyone's friend.

Though, her closeness caused him to protect her a little more fiercer than the rest in terms of hostilities, in which the USS Hume experienced several.

A voluntary assignment Jack nominated himself for via his Intelligence networks.

Extremely unexciting but it allowed Jack his time to himself he sought in his life. His duty was to observe sub-space communications and sensor telemetry as any relay-station occupant, yet he had the access codes to more classified telemetry and bandwidths.

With his findings he would calculate possible anomalies as possible Romulan craft along the neutral zone and collate that information into stellar cartography for the a three-dimensional model with projected movement patterns over time. This information Jack would then forward to Starfleet Intelligence.

Relay Station 297 had four other crew which kept each other occupied in various ways, especially as time continued. Jack and one other had developed various activities which at times would cause damage to the station, yet they were all happy for something to repair as a break from the norm.

Jack's reassignment to Head-Quarters was two-fold, one was for further command training and the other for prep as an evaluator. His role as an evaluator was in terms of assessing others loyalty and capabilities within placements of their roles.

Jack spent several months working with Starfleet intelligence and for Alex directly during this time.

Jack's reassignment after earth was as Intelligence Officer to the USS Roanoke, commanded by a then Commander Zara Tane; a fiery spotted blond with hidden strengths to boot behind the often sometimes crazy mannerisms. His assignment was unknown to her, a temporary one only to evaluate her as the new commanding officer given the Trill's questionable background.

Jack having come from similar roots was to assess her. He however did not expect all hell to break loose. Roanoke was dispatched to diffuse a raise in piracy along the border fringes of the Federation, what the crew encountered was more than they had expected - A self proclaimed Pirate king with immense telepathic ability, and a small pirate fleet to boot.

Captain Zara Tane was severely wounded by a placed a mole, a servant of the King. The Roanoke and her crew were outsmarted on several occasions by a man who could read any thought. It was however the unpredictable nature of the crew which won the day, deliberately sourcing tactics and information in scattered formats, they were able to engage and defeat the King and his forces in one final assault.

During that time Jack was first thought to be a mole and interrogated, but had proven himself a worthy asset by taking control of several situations which were growing out of hand with an incapacitated leader to boot, he become the Executive Officer, replacing the first.

During her recovery, and Jack's requirement to meet with her often as her Executive Officer a bond formed between Zara and Jack.

Their relationship developed quickly into love, and as a conspiracy unfolded around them causing the Roanoke to run from Starfleet under false charges, grew into marriage. Despite the chaos that surrounded them they remained steadfast together.

Though women do have the tendency to spin Jack about and fog things up for him - such was the effect and more a simple meeting with a Bajoran had on him. A simple dance with Maliya at a dance party aboard the Roanoke seared her to his brain - or heart?

It was later revealed that evidence required to clear their names and reveal the true instigators of Trill's bombings could be found on Driaan V, with like-wise backgrounds it was agreed Jack and Maliya would go to Driaan under cover whilst the Roanoke continued to pursue further leads.

In order to secure the required evidence it was essentially required to overthrow Reetorg to possess his vaults. Jack and Maliya spent three months working resources and possible allies whilst gauging the positions of others from afar or by more direct means.

Maliya at one point worked on Drake as a target, to see if he would be friend or foe. Jack on the other hand found himself working closely with the estranged daughter of Reetorg, Shari'ah who ran a small resistance cell - though mostly filled with teenagers.

Having secured Drake's help on his own terms Jack and Maliya made to tie up loose ends with the resistance cell and to contact the Roanoke to coordinate final assault plans. Two things had happened which both Jack and Maliya were unaware of - Zara had already arrived alone on Driaan by a deception created by Silver - Zara was captured by Reetorg, and Jade had been killed.

Things come in three's, yet the two were unaware of Jade's death or Zara's capture they had become aware that a small precinct had recently captured Shari'ah and were holding her until official transport arrived.

Without much hesitation - or pause to think as would be logical, Jack and Maliya snapped into action and armed with but their own wits, Driaan pistols and a hover-car the two charged the small precincts gates directly - with the car.

Shari'ah rescued the three retreated to forests just north of the capital to catch their breaths and recollect thoughts. In that moment of adrenaline Jack and Maliya gave in to each other.

A morning written by Karma itself, first Jack awoke to the emotional realisation of what he had done and the guilt began to gnaw at him immediately despite Maliya's understanding and then after return Shari'ah to her people he had learned of his wife's capture and torture by Reetorg.

Shari'ah's resistance, Jack and Maliya, the Roanoke crew, and Drake with his own assets and men then sprung into action ahead of schedule realising Jack would not wait for them either way. Fighting broke in the streets, in the air, in space and in the capital building - Reetorg's above and underground fortress.

Eventually Reetorg was killed, none other than by Zara who was wild enough under influence of drugs and torture to kill anyone as she attempted before she passed out. Drake and Jack who had both been fighting Reetorg then rushed to complete each their own duty. Jack's was to keep his wife alive whilst she lay dying, Drake's was to take power and end the fighting as quick as possible.

Over the coming weeks many things changed...whilst liberating the crew of the Roanoke of their rogue status, Zara never recovered fully from her ordeals, even grew slowly worse due to the effects of unknown compounds introduced to her by Reetorg. Driaan formed a new government under the Lashmore family namely Drake and Anna followed by a political board, a temporary government until proper elections could be organised legally - a year or two.

Drake and Maliya seemed to pair off until Maliya left on her own accord, leaving Roanoke service as well.

Jack and Zara attempted long-service-leave on a property on Driaan though her mental state continued to deteriorate and at times she would try to kill Jack out of blue in a savage rage. Eventually as month dragged on Jack and Zara grew estranged as her treatments continued - eventually towards divorce.

Jack remained on Driaan to work with Drake yet mostly in forming the new security and defence forces of Driaan. the Driaan Federal Police Agents were Jack's primary focus as was the Driaan Defence Force in general.

That was until as always, a woman came into his life...

It was perhaps an ironic form of fate that they had first met truly upon a dance floor on the Roanoke, and then once more meeting again within a night-club of Driaan's capital city. Maliya sought an intelligence asset for an operation underway - that asset was Jack.

It turned out they had a neutral friend in the shadows, Alex Night - and he was calling in all of his last resorts.

A former intelligence team had confiscated a federation vessel and stolen blue-prints and samples of an extremely dangerous weapon of mass destruction code-named 'Chimera' and were presumed to be in Orion space - hence Jack was called in.

The Chimera device had been hard wired to an Orion Battlecruiser, a defiant class starship was to track and destroy it despite the odds, Maliya and Jack thought otherwise, to go and see if they could find the head of the snake and together travelled to the Rigel System.

Once more the two proved resourceful together and with but Jack only suffering a shoulder wound via disruptor, they had recovered the stolen federation vessel - the USS Southern Cross and rescued the crew of the defiant class vessel which engaged the Orion Battlecruiser. The defiant class USS Merlin was lost.

Regrouping and re-planning, a final engagement was planned. Chimera was destroyed, and Jack and Maliya were asked to form a new unit, though not entirely new as would be revealed later.


Their story was only just beginning, as was a love they had both denied themselves.

For four years the couple and Anastasia (the Prime Minister of Driaan) secured Driaan's position amognst the stars as an independent system yet one that would fight for the freedoms of others. From asssiting the new Cardassian government with obsidian Order Remnants to several co-joined operations with Starfleet Driaan grew a name for itself.

However not all operations ended well, as one ended with the Death of Torrna Maliya.

It was not long after that day that Jack had retired from his roles. besides things for Driaan had calmed down and Driaan's future was secure...he was nothing more than an over-glorified desk general by 2390. It was time to hand the future to the next generation and Jack retired from active DDF service.

As much as Jack would prefer to be forgotten it seems a certain Alex Night of Starfleet Intelligence had dropped Jack's name to a Lieutenant Commander.

Would jack temporarily help with the request asked of him and leave soon after? or perhaps find a new light to follow? Time will tell.
Service Record 2369 - 2372 : Starfleet Academy
2373 - 2374 : 4th year Cadet Cruise - USS Fenris, Akira class
2374 - 2376 : Starfleet attachment to Marine forces - USS Fenris, Akira class
2376 - 2377 : Starfleet Intelligence Induction *CLASSIFIED*
2377 - 2378 : Assistant Chief of Security - USS Hawking, Galaxy class
2378 - 2378 : Operation Hellfire *CLASSIFIED*
2379 - 2381 : Chief of Security - USS Hume, Nebula class
2382 - 2383 : **Restricted** - Relay Station 297
2383 - 2383 : Earth, Starfleet HQ *CLASSIFIED*
2384 - 2385 : Executive Officer - USS Roanoke, Nebula class
2385 - 2386 : Non - Active, decommissioned
2386 - 2390 : Spectre RSO Operative - Combat Specialist / Tactical Analyst - on paper listed as Commandant of Driaan Defence Force
2391 - ???? : Approached with an offer to assist and oversee a new Intelligence unit, Cerberus.

Starfleet Qualifications

-Lashmore's Core Studies-
STAR 101. Starfleet Skills I
STAR 102. Starfleet Skills II
STAR 104. Planetary Survival
STAR 202. Starfleet Leadership and Administration
STAR 410. Starship Command
PE 105. Basic Self Defense
PE 111. Advanced Self Defense
WRIT 108. Calligraphy
One course in quantitative reasoning
SPS 203. Astrogation
SPS 410. Stellar Cartography
PE 204. Advanced Survival
ME 108. Introduction to Material Engineering
PRE 104. Impulse Systems
SE 102. Introduction to Systems Engineering
HIST 212. History of Starfleet
Orion Culture : Essentially taught his lecturer
SOC 101. Introduction Sociology
CLAS 211. Ancient Literature and the Formation of Culture

-Lashmore's Major studies-

TACT 103. Small-Unit Tactics
TACT 211. Introduction to Security Procedures
TACT 304. Heavy Weapons Training
TACT 310. Starship Tactics
TACT-A 430. Advanced Ground Warfare
TACT-A 511, Historical Engagements
TACT-A 521, Dynamic of Interstellar Combat
SE 221. Shield Systems
SE 222. Security Systems
SE 330. Weapon Systems
STRT-A 510. Engagement Doctrine
STRT-A 520. Advanced Starship Operations and Deployment
VO 101. Environmental Suit Training
VO 201. Shuttlecraft
VO 205. Ground Vehicles
VO 320. Starship Helm Control
PE-A 350. Endurance Training