USS Cerberus


General Rules

• The current rating for this simm is PG-13. This means all players must be 13 years of age, or older. We will be attempting to increase the rating to 18+ within the next 6 months.

• The staff of USS Cerberus takes a very strong stance on harassment. Rudeness and conduct of an inappropriate nature are unacceptable.

• Characters are encouraged to participate in miniplots and subplots. They should, however, remember that Starfleet has a code of conduct, and that inappropriate actions may result in in character consequence.

Posting Rules

Post Tense/Voice:
Posts must be written in past tense, third person.

Post Lengths:
The following are the minimum lengths for posts and personal logs.

Personal Log: 500 Words
Solo Post: 500 Words
Joint Post: 1000 Words

Posts should be split every 2000 words. This is to ensure ease of readability, particularly for mobile readers.

All tags should be responded to in 72 hours or less. If you know you will not be able to meet this due to RL matters, please notify the Command Staff.

Timeline fields on posts should contain either the mission date (MD) or calendar date. If you're uncertain on when a post should fall, please ask the Command Staff for clarification.

NPC Rules

• At present time, all new NPCs need to be non-commissioned officers, unless approval is granted by the Command Staff.

• NPCs must comply with the aforementioned rules regarding race. NPCs may not be custom species without Command Staff's approval.

• NPCs may have Assistant Chief ranks, but PC applicants will be given preference for those positions.

• Though no strict guidelines for post frequency on NPC characters exist, the Command Staff would prefer that NPCs only be created if the writer intends to write for them with reasonable frequency.

• Department heads can create NPCs for their department as they see fit. If creating an NPC for another department, please verify with that department's head that the character is acceptable.

• At present time, NPCs are limited to 4 per writer, unless special approval is granted by the Command Staff.